While I put together my 2014 year in review post, I thought I’d share some fun moments first. behind the scenes, light tests and photo bombs.
light tests are so booooooring and I say lets have fun instead!! or something like that



This little post is all about the support and awesomeness that are second shooters. Donna, my true fearless weekend warrior has stepped down a bit to make way for hiking, camping and overall weekend awesomeness, so I brought on some other really great folks to fill up the full years schedule. Thank you to Donna, Lindsay, Jill & Bruce! you kids are awesome. I couldn’t have done it without you!

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AmpersandGrey_0263 AmpersandGrey_0264


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Bored at work – stalking our wedding photographer sounded like a good distraction. These photos, yes out of all the others, are making me super stoked to work with Michel this September! Woot woot.

September can’t come soon enough you guys!!!!!

“behind the scenes” Those are the best!!!


Fun! Can’t wait to meet you at Jason and Kim’s wedding in Banff! Love your sense of fun!

I can’t wait to meet you too Cathy Branton!! it’s going to be so great!

Holy hannigans….check out the shenanigans!!!
Love these!!

i miss your mad rhymes gamble!

Possibly the most flattering image of me, ever, and for this, I thank you. 🙂 Thanks for the fun times this summer! Hopefully more in the future.

I felt bad about that…. like for a second. especially because you took so many good ones of me. I’ll pay you back this year for sure! 😉

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