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about us

Hi! I’m Michel, the face and heart of this little thing I call Ampersand Grey. I am a quirky & adventurous wedding photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta. Not willing to settle on boring– especially for the most amazing day of your life–I will stop at nothing to create a customized experience catered to tell your love story. I take creating amazing images very seriously, but you’ll never know that by how much fun we’re having during our sessions and on your wedding day. I am truly in the business of making friends and I love creating breath-taking, documentary images while doing so.

If you’d like to see us in action creating some awesome moments you see here on our site, check out our promo video.. we kind of love it

Created by the amazing Isaac Varty Films


who I am:
– I like to be barefoot
– I have approximately 30 grey sweaters — sometimes I look like a cloud
– I usually wear a scarf, even in the summer
– I say things like bunny hug and am proud of where I come from
– I’m a dog mom to Solomon, the cutest schnauzer on the whole wide planet
– I am fiercely loyal and believe that family is sometimes who you chose
– I am in constant need of a manicure but never actually get one
– I was a bee-keeper assistant for a summer. Worst. Job. Ever.
– I usually run before I walk
– I love edamame
– I can open a beer bottle with my forearm
– I love love love love haunted houses–being scared is awesome
– I believe being comfortable always trumps high heels. Always

photo of me by my amazing pal Shauna of Roughley Originals






wedding photographer dogBark! Hi I’m Solomon, I’m the office mascot and the furball greeter for all Ampersand Grey meetings and consults. I am 5 years old. But I mostly still act like a puppy. I like to test my Mom and not sit on my bed when she asks unless tasty treats are involved. Some of my favourite pastimes include barking at the neighbours cat, eating chicken bones out of the garbage when no one is watching and hanging out with my best buddies, Maza, Maggie & Murphy and Wally. We like running like lunatics through the dog park and sometimes go swimming in the river!! Our Moms must think we are going to drown because they are always yelling at us to come back. Clearly I’m the brains behind this operation.

Supes adorable photo of Solomon taken by Talia Unger for her Canine Collective project.