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Alicia & Isaac

AmpersandGrey001-2Michel Feist is more than a photographer and does more than take pictures. Michel is now a dear friend who I have a high opinion of. When you have your first meeting with her you feel like you have known her for years and that she gets you. She understands you and what your style is for your wedding day. You feel like she is a friend and she genuinely wants to get to know you, your personality and what you want from your wedding day.

You then have your engagement shoot, at the end of the shoot you feel good because you obviously dressed up for the shoot but better yet you feel like you have been hanging out with your friends all day because lets be honest Michel and Donna are HILARIOUS together and half of the smiles in the pictures are of you actually laughing so hard at what is going on.

Then comes the wedding day, which you are all nervous about and want everything to be perfect. You want to remember this day forever and want to make sure that you remember it the way you see it on the day. Most people take pictures on the wedding day. However Ampersand Grey CAPTURES the wedding day. The emotions that you feel, how your friends feel about the wedding day both smiles and tears, the moment where the bride looks at her father you just can tell both the happiness of all that he has done for his little girl until that day and how he will be from then on and sadness of letting go just enough to share her with her husband. She captures the grooms first look at the bride with all of the emotion finally coming to the surface, the power of the words when you say your vows and finally the biggest and best party of your life. The reception. With dancing, celebrating, relaxing, and both sides of friends and family uniting for one massive celebration of the energy it took getting to that day.


AmpersandGrey001-2Michel was in every part of our wedding from capturing the moment Isaac proposed, having our first photo shoot as a couple for our engagement shoot, helping with the wedding gifts, and then the wedding day.

I can honestly say our whole wedding process would not have been the same if it wasn’t for Michel &Donna of Ampersand Grey. Alicia & Isaac.
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