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Destination Cuba – wedding photographer of beautiful people

Being a Edmonton destination wedding photographer sure has it’s perks. It goes without saying that photographing a wedding in a beautiful place like the Paradisus Varadero in Varadero, Cuba is an amazing adventure. Couple that with an amazing wedding party filled with long-time friends and close family members though and it makes for a really great day as well as an amazing week. Donna and I had such a blast with this group.

edmonton-destination-photographer_0047In the weeks leading up to leaving for Cuba, Tina sent me document explaining all of the people in her wedding party and how each of them created such an impactful spot in her and Robbie’s hearts. Stories going back to the day Rob was born and how their lives had interwoven well beyond them actually meeting at the age of 18. These stories carried on once we started meeting their friends in person. They are both very loved and admired and the overwhelming connection felt among the whole group was easily spotted.

Being a part of these days and days leading up to a wedding are just the most amazing thing. I feel very lucky and honoured. Thank you to everyone that welcomed Donna and I into the party. Congratulations Tina and Rob. here are a few more teasers. so much more to come.

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