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pyramid island intimate wedding

Getting married on one of the most intimate islands in Jasper, is the perfect setting. Walking onto Pyramid Island together, hand in hand, Anders led Erin to the fork in the path, they separated, then came back together in front of the 11 people that stood beside them while they exchanged vows. It was such a beautiful ceremony. Their words to one another brought us all to tears.

I can’t begin to explain how important elopements and intimate weddings have become to me this past year. Being brought into someone’s inner circle is huge. Having my clients trust is so important to me and on an intimate day it is even greater. Thank you guys for your trust and openness. Happy sneak peek. I can’t wait to share the whole gallery with you.

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Michel Feist of Ampersand Grey is a professional, International Wedding photographer based in Edmonton Alberta. Determined not to follow the normal hum-drumness of typical wedding photography, she plans to work her butt off to provide unique, beautiful if not a bit quirky at times, classic images for you to cherish for a lifetime. Your wedding photos are your family’s first heirloom, you can trust us to create these timeless images for you. Send us a note, or give us a call. We can’t wait to hear your love story.

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    Lucy Loomis - Oh my gosh. Amazing.ReplyCancel

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    Karam Aulakh - Thats what i wana do to just wow
    Lighting setup plzReplyCancel

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      Ampersand Grey - Are you asking what the lighting set up is Karam? It’s just the old fashion sun shining on them!ReplyCancel

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    'PEGGER - You’ve done it this time, Michel! You have taken us all there to the beauty of Jasper. You’ve shown us a good working man’s hands. We’ve seen the beauty, the confidence, and the emotions of the bride. I have never been in a VW, but you have taken us for a ride. Bravo Michel! 🙂ReplyCancel