It’s not even that hard to believe my last 10 on 10 was March. I am such a slacker and I’m not even going to lie I put these images together yesterday. A mostly nothing day. I am in the midst of the most busy year of my life, I have a new dog, a wedding of my own to plan and an over abundance of gratitude of where I am in this world. Everyday, on my morning walk with Solomon I thank the universe for allowing me to have this life. I feel insanely blessed and this day was one of those nothing days where I was on the verge of tears being in the moment of my own life. I have amazing people around me, my passion pays my bills but more importantly fills my heart. I am very lucky and I am fully aware of it.

Happy 10 on 10 day peeps, what are all the reasons you are feeling blessed today?

some mornings you just need a baileys in your coffee

My office could use a maid, it’s like the technical crew of everything black, exploded in here.

These hands sure tell great stories.

dinner for one and back to editing….

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Wait a sec…no butt shot?? Haha
Jkjk these are awesome! So happy for you and this incredible year! 😀

I think these are the best type of days to do a 10 on 10. Beautiful!

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