This 10 on 10 is brought you by a nature afternoon as the sun dips down into the autumn evening. Really it’s our favourite time of year – but don’t tell summer that. Donna and I ventured out for some location scouting for our upcoming engagement sessions (holy hanna I have a lot to share with you this month!) and of course the butt returns. Now Matt pretty much thinks all the women of the internet are clamouring to their screens on the 10th of every month just to see how his back side is doing… but this month?? This month he’s in uniform. mmhm, that butt lives in a uniform most days. happy trolling ladies. Just try to contain yourselves scrolling past the junk photos in the beginning.

happy 10 on 10!!!!


She’s gorgeous, AND FUN!!!! right PEGGERS?!


Hold your panties ladies, Matt’s butt. oh and he carries heavy things too.


The view from my office is awesome, this tree comes to life every night as the sun goes down.


One more, just for good measure, did I mention he’s a fabulous cook too?


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LOL – now you really do have to have a pic of Matt’s butt in every 10 on 10.


sorry, Jer next time I’ll keep the butt shots to a minimum when Donna is involved 🙂

i love the view from your office!
and nothing beats a chef with a nice ass. (i know i’ve got one of those at home, too!)

that’s a sweet ass set of photos….

I love the mood in these! xx

Yep! The butt shot in uniform wins!! Loved the first shot , too…beautiful!

What’s with the junk photos?
Matt’s ass is the bestest.
But I remember once upon a time, requesting a shot of him in that gorgeous canoe. Sans shirt.
Maybe next month? I’m kinda likin this 10 thing . . .
And is that Donna? Because holy cow, she’s gorgeous.

Mo, I’m going to have to make that shirtless photo happen, aren’t I? Yes! that is Donna, she’s a real looker ain’t she?

Love the “dueling” TOMS photo . . . and the two-for-the-price-of-one deal on Matt’s bum. It’s a really good day, indeed!

I don’t have anything to say about your photography, I just came here for Matt’s butt. 😉


I also want those moccasins. 😛

So peaceful…
Loved the matching shoes 🙂

I love those woods. And your shoes. Totally in love with your fringey strappy sandals! Fab!

Seriously? One of your 10 on 10s needs to be JUST shots of your husband’s butt. Hubba hubba. Oh yeah…I loved the naturey goodness you captured too. Great day!

Up until right now, my morning has been less than stellar. Thank you Matt’s ass for perking it up.

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