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Hello pals!

We are super excited you landed on the ‘meet the team’ page. We assume you’ve perused the galleries of images and those resonate with you, so the next perfect step is to come here, so welcome!!!

We whole-heartedly believe in connection first and foremost so the connection with who you choose as your photographer is so important to us. Are we a bit needy in that we want you to like us? You bet we are, just like we want to like you too! Our passion about your story is what makes us stand out. When you choose to work with an Ampersand Grey photographer it’s not only hiring another vendor for your event or company. We are in it and we are ready to dig deep into your story. For a wedding, family/lifestyle session or branding package—we are invested in you—its not at all about us. Let me say that one more time for the people in the back, your photos are not about us.

We do not have any preconceived ideas about making a certain photo for you prior to your wedding or session. We are not focused on a pinterest shot list we curated for you (or worse yet, a board you created for us); we are with you to bear witness to the connection of you and your partner, show who you are in your brand, and tell the story of you in moments with the people who are important to you.

Things are not stiffly posed, re-created, or awkwardly placed. We move fast, we love motion in the moment and we are ninja-quick at anticipating things before they happen. We have after all been shooting for over 10 years and have over 200 weddings between us (my maths not great, its probably way more than that)

We are allies of the LGBTQ2+ community and truly believe love is fucking love!

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Hi I'm Michel!

Happiest in the forest, by a river, climbing rocks, riding bikes and rappelling into a canyon. I like to be on the move.

I live with my partner in a van and mostly work remotely from the road. I come back to Edmonton to cram a bunch of work into the weeks I’m there. I love this life and live intentionally in the moment.

I am most myself in new spaces and not knowing what is next is where I thrive. I feel honoured that my clients gain me access to their lives and allow me to help tell their story. Whether a small business, marketing campaign and sometimes still a wedding day - I am whole-hearty a story-teller at my core.

I am sappy and sentimental and that drives my need for capturing connection. I am honoured to be your photographer. This job is something I don’t take lightly—but you’ll never notice that by how much fun we’re having!

I am an ally of the 2SLGBTQ2+ community and will tell your story regardless of your path.

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Kathy, photographer at Ampersand Grey

Well hello there, I’m Kathy!

I’m a Montreal born photographer with an eye for style.

I want to make photos for you that make you say “wow” out loud as you wipe the tears of joy from your eyes-what can I say, I love emotion!!

I see profound beauty, relentless hope and unbridled love all around me. Life is made up of moments and I cherish those little moments in my life, that’s how I’m able to appreciate yours so well.

I’m a dog lover, 80s music rocker (I’m even in a band), artist, stylist, barista, and entrepreneur. I’m a mom of 2 and a “Glamma” of a sassy 3 year old.

So … when do we start?


Hi friends!! I'm Tiiu, (pronounced T-U) I am the resident beautifier to all Ampersand Grey boudoir and head shot clients and plenty of brides on their wedding days too! I am so excited about glitter and gold and sequins--I am drawn to shine like a crow-swoon. I have been a working makeup artist since 1999 and love to try new products with layers of colour and sparkle to contour and enhance and PLAY. I have an artistic crush on my idol Pat McGrath and her love for bold colour and fascination with fashion and all things beautiful. But I'm not just a pretty face, my former nerdy self achieved a degree in anthropology and art history focusing on ancient cultures of Mesoamerica and the middle east, hows that for nerdy? I just love museums!! Michel and I started working together nearly exclusivity after I did her make up and didn't make her look like a tramp (her words, not mine).

You can see my full work on my website