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Hi Friends!

Hi I'm Michel, I'm nerdy (like so, so, so nerdy) about light and about my dog Solomon and about industrial felt. I'm weirdly obsessed with concrete and the color grey and plants and adventures with my partner in our van. I quirk-i-ly make up words, and I need to touch everything. I love to hike mountains, and travel, and talking to my dad about anything. I choose run-on-sentences and errant commas and laughing loudly and loving hard. The people I consider my family don't all share my blood. I am weird about sharing food (I'm sorry, I blame growing up with a hungry older brother) but I'm working on it. I love new paper and old paper, and I really wish my handwriting was legible. I sing from the diaphragm in cars when I'm alone and when people are with me, and I have a pre-game ritual before weddings that includes Maroon 5 (because Adam Levine is my boyfriend) you're welcome Rachel. I'm from Saskatchewan and a "hooded sweatshirt" will forever be a bunny hug. I am an ally of the LGBTQ community and truly believe love is love.

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Hi! I'm Rachel, side-kick to Michel on weddings that require a second shooter and associate photographer! I'm a lover of the colour pink and christian rock songs. I am basically the mumblings of a 90 year old man trapped inside the clothing style of a 12 year old girl. It's quite the combo. I received a text from my husband one day asking me if I was crossing Jasper Ave because he could see my orange shoes from his 12th floor office. When I'm not singing in a legit choir, I'm usually hanging around the legislature or writing policy reports because I also have a day job where I am super nerdy about educational policy. I quite enjoy the history of small Canadian towns and strive to bake a perfect sourdough bread.

Michel photographed my husband's and my bacon-filled nuptials in 2014 and I was so much fun to be around, she kept me as her own and named me her work wife. She shares her meatballs with me though, so I'm a happy camper.

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Hi friends! I’m Jessica and the newest member of the Ampersand Grey family. Not new to weddings, the past few years I’ve been running around after talented, excited and busy little humans--focusing on the all-time best job ever--Motherhood. Not a fan of being in the spotlight myself, I instead like to cheerlead people in their passions--it also makes me best suited to be behind the camera observing and chasing after moments. I’m inspired by those moments that are real, raw, emotional, meaningful and full of energy or romance. I don’t fancy myself a fine-art photographer, I see myself more as a photo-journalist.

Capturing an image for the sake of an artistic idea isn’t for me, unless there is meaning behind it and the idea makes sense in the context of the story and the people that are in it that’s probably why your gallery will be filled with images of your guests, your family and all those amazing people that have come to be with you on your wedding day. While your day is about you, the couple, the story is about the coming together of two people and their PEOPLE.

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I’m Isaac! film maker and day dreamer. I’m a clumsy light chaser and proud Edmontonian. I love the Oilers, and being at the lake with my family doing all things water. I can’t get through a speech at a wedding without crying and if you ever witness it for yourself, you’ll think I’m sneezing and coughing and hiccuping all at the same time but nope, just crying. What can I say? I’m a sensitive Dad! I married my best friend, Alicia and together we love our life with daughter Jaala, the cutest little spunk of energy ever. 

Michel and I have worked on over 10 weddings together. We decided to be a team on wedding days so our ideas are cohesive and we can create a film that mirrors your wedding images. I’m nerdy about movement and music and love working on the perfect song for each film. I am suuuuuper nerdy about cool cars and the big man upstairs and nachos, clearly not in that order.

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Hi guys!! I'm Tiiu, (pronounced T-U) I am the resident beautifier to all Ampersand Grey boudoir and head shot clients and plenty of brides on their wedding days too! I am so excited about glitter and gold and sequins--I am drawn to shine like a crow-swoon. I have been a working makeup artist since 1999 and love to try new products with layers of colour and sparkle to contour and enhance and PLAY. I have an artistic crush on my idol Pat McGrath and her love for bold colour and fascination with fashion and all things beautiful. But I'm not just a pretty face, my former nerdy self achieved a degree in anthropology and art history focusing on ancient cultures of Mesoamerica and the middle east, hows that for nerdy? I just love museums!! Michel and I started working together nearly exclusivity after I did her make up and didn't make her look like a tramp (her words, not mine).

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Hi I'm Solomon, I'm the Ampersand Grey mascot and furball greeter for all meetings and consults. I am 8 years old. But I mostly still act like a puppy. I like to test my Mom and not sit on my bed when she asks unless tasty treats are involved. Some of my favourite pastimes include barking at every single person, dog, leaf, grass blade that blows by my yard, begging for snacks & snugs, shaking my hair all over everything, leaning on you as if I was an actual cat (especially if you're wearing black) and rubbing my head on your leg so you scratch my ear--mostly so you forget about all that other stuff that is annoying, and you fall deeply in love with me-which is inevitable.

Clearly I'm the brains behind this operation.

Photo by Talia Unger