When photographing Isaac and Alicia I always learn something. Alicia usually does too. Isaac is full of helpful tips, awkward dance moves and urban dictionary definitions. This session was no different. I now understand snap chat on a whole new level, no one tripped and drinks were not left behind half drank. A complete success. This wee babe is so very loved already and is in really good hands. I can’t wait to meet her.





hair and makeup by: Elizabeth at Blushed Beaute


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We were so thrilled to finally meet Isaac and Alicia…and now we can’t wait to see what your papoose is gonna look like!!! I’ll bet she’ll have Isaac’s boyish smile and Alicia’s GREAT looks. 🙂

We need to get together I want to give you your gift and see your star shining face!!! We’re just settling into the new house so it’s been a little crazy.

You are magical Michel. Love this little family ☺️

thank you maria!!! These two are the magical ones. xox

Isaac and I absolutely love the pictures!! Thank you so much Michel for once again capturing another stage in our life and doing it so beautifully!! <3

you are so welcome Alicia!!! I can’t wait to meet the newest little varty!! xox

Hehe she is going to be so quirky, funny and beautiful! Can’t waaaaaaait

oh my gosh Joelle, she is going to be SO quirky and funny and beautiful!!!!!!!

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