Creative portraits and brand photography for small businesses

Being a small business owner is tough work, we wear a lot of hats, dance to drum beats that some people don’t hear and pay a lot of attention to the little things. Before I even knew that I was an entrepreneur I was running my own business. Ampersand Grey didn’t fall into my lap or anything, I just didn’t set out be be a business owner. I am a photographer after all. But I soon realized that all of the decisions of my business needed to be made by me. One of the first things I needed was a website, then marketing material. Fortunately for me, being a photographer and a former graphic designer creating creative portraits came pretty easy for me and I was creating my content in my daily photography tasks with my clients. This isn’t the case for most. This is why I started creating brand photography for small businesses.

I have worked with small businesses, one woman shows, larger companies and startups to create creative portraits and impactful content for their websites, blogs and to create natural, head shots. Stock photography doesn’t usually work or have enough impact to draw your clients and customers in. These creative day in the life sessions are gear toward creating customized stock photography just for you, of you. How perfect is that?


Here is what people are saying about the sessions:

edmonton brand photographerI hired Michel for my day in the life session to add content for my website. Working with her was easy and fun. I was a bit nervous that I wouldn’t be natural with her there but after a few moments she not only made me feel relaxed, she was able to bring out more of my self than I expected to see in the photos. I highly recommend these sessions for anyone needing specialized, natural customized images for any branding collateral.
– Alyson Connolly, Voice and Public Speaking Coach alysonconnolly.com










edmonton brand photographyWe’ve hired Michel a few times for events and head shots of our members and staff. Working with her is always relaxed and natural. I love receiving the gallery of images from her to see the way she saw each event with a unique approach. Sometimes head shots can be a bit stuffy but Michel has the ability to bring the best out of people in the short amount of time she needs to capture each person. She really did her research about our company so she had great suggestions when it came time to move into the interactive part of the day. We would highly recommend Michel for her professional attitude and lighthearted warm personality.

Tiffany Linke-Boyko, Startup Edmonton

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This is such a fantastic idea! And beautiful photos!

What an amazing idea!

I couldn’t agree more. Professional photos make such a difference and these are really lovely!

I tried to click the link, but could not get it to open.

Thanks for letting me know Dana!

I love this idea! It’s so important to stand out in the crowd, specially as a small business!

YES, good photos are so important for businesses!

Nice work! Would love to get some headshots of myself one day:)

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