The soft look he gives her when she’s not looking says it all. He loves that woman. Danielle has to be the most laid back bride I’ve ever met, let a lone one that planned a wedding in 6 weeks and she sure loves her country man a pick-up truck’s worth too. Emotion and grace honour these two in their new journey together and I was honoured they chose me to document their day. Even if Danielle had to talk Cody into it 😉

I had never been to Edson, Alberta so when Danielle told me her wedding was there I was excited about a challenge in a new space. We battled a bit of rain but it was glorious day and the wedding party really stuck it out with us.

Thank-you you two, and you own me a step ladder. xox

Donna, thank-you. You really pulled it together for me this day. You’re my Rick. xox

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DONNA’S A “RICK” ??? :-0

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