Day in the Life Branding Photography Session with photographer Ampersand Grey captures the spirit of local businesses, one picture at a time. Thankfully, confident and fearless public speaking is Alyson Connolly’s brand—and her pictures show it.

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Hate public speaking? You are not alone.

Most people would rather be in the casket than give the eulogy,” says Alyson Connolly. But it doesn’t need to be that way for you.

Alyson is a professional voice and public speaking coach—one of the best in the field. This is in part because she’s been standing in front of audiences for most of her life, starting her career as a child actor. Alyson became a champion of public speaking and a master of her craft throughher professional acting career and teaching for over 30 years.

This experience makes Alyson a gift of a photo subject. You can tell from the way that she walks into the room. She isn’t afraid to be herself in front of people (clearly, as a teacher of that!) and that lets her personality shine through in her headshots and groups shots. This the dream for a branding photographer.

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Being one of the few people in the voice and speech coaching world with a masters in Theatre Voice Pedagogy makes Alyson uniquely qualified to help her clients. Alyson’s business specializes in painless public speaking and overcoming performance anxiety. Her services
include workshops, one-on-one training, corporate training, and keynote speaking. This expertise is also the reason why she was asked to write the Public Speaking for Dummies book.

The beauty of our Day in the Life branding session is that it captures a glimpse of what it is like to work with Alyson. She invited clients to join us for part of the day so we could capture how she works in real life workshop settings, and in one-on-one sessions. Standing in front of a camera is not unlike public speaking for many people. As a branding photographer with decades of experience, I know how to help people release their tension into a more natural, comfortable presence.

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My ideal session is dynamic and unposed. Alyson understood our goals and confidently led her clients through mock sessions and exercises in a way that felt unscripted. Alyson’s photo gallery is evidence of her ability to create trust, build confidence, and help everyone shine. Being in the room, I could feel the strength of relationships between them and that lets me capture moments that showcase what she does for her clients. When you hire us for a Day in the Life branding session, we will plan out the best way showcase you and your work. Let’s get started today.

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