I’ve ducked out of the last few month’s 10 on 10’s because I was just so busy. Shooting photos for myself seems like the last thing I want to do once winter hits. That’s why I love this project so much, I have to push myself to document my own life.

This day was a fun Saturday doing a lot of things I love. Antique shopping, shooting an engagement session, mounting hippo’s asses and of course eating. Did I mention staring at Matt’s butt? oh yes that too.

Please make sure you make the rounds soaking in the 10 on 10’s from around the globe. Oh yea, I also did something new this month, these photos are all straight out of my camera – shot as is except one was cropped. Happy December!!!

michel xox


10 on 10 selfie? It was freezing cold I tell you!


I’ve been racking my brain thinking of a way to display my awesome safari animals – then I see this random box at the antique mall and BOOM, it’s perfect!!

The woes of an over worked model? I don’t think so.


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in love with your view on the world….coming soon to a wall mount near you….Matt’s tush?


BOOM!! love it that this is sooc! Brilliant idea. Lovely day and his ass has never looked better!

So much snow already. And, damn, someone’s booty is getting a bit cocky 😉

F-ck me I miss the antique mall. 🙁 Like your boots! When do we get to see the results of that 120?

every one of these images is infused with honesty and a sense of humor that’s contagious. these were laughs i needed this morning. i love your eye, and the self portrait.

um, hi and you are awesome. also, those safari animals?! fucking GENIUS. i’ll credit you.

i love your safari animals and that matt is such a good sport! also, winter looks good on you : )

Those butt shots make me laugh so hard.

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