Waiting for this little man was with heavy anticipation. It goes with out saying being an Edmonton birth photographer that all births are exhilarating and exciting but K and P are dear friends of mine so I already very much loved this baby before we all met him. Baby D was supposed to be early, or so says the date I picked on the baby draft!!! All other signs pointed to an early delivery as well but he showed up right on his due date.
After a long night and some longer pushing, K and P met baby D in the OR after a Caesarian. That’s where we all met him, the doctors and nurses let me witness that too! I’m not going to try to explain how that feels. I’ll just try my best to show you instead. The video still makes me cry every time I watch it. If you can make it through with out a tear, you’re a bigger lady than I.

Welcome home Dante.

Dante Gael birth story from Ampersand Grey

edmonton birth photographer

hospital birth photographerbirth photographer edmontonmom waiting for her babydad waiting for babymother sleepingEdmonton-birth-photographer-Dante007supportive dad during labour

birth photographyEdmonton-birth-photographer-Dante011hand on mothers headEdmonton-birth-photographer-Dante014supportive husband during labourEdmonton-birth-photographer-Dante016pushing during laborEdmonton-birth-photographer-Dante018Edmonton-birth-photographer-Dante019worried momman getting ready for the OREdmonton-birth-photographer-Dante022dad going to the OREdmonton-birth-photographer-Dante024caesarian section birth photographercaesarian section birth photographyEdmonton-birth-photographer-Dante027Edmonton-birth-photographer-Dante028Edmonton-birth-photographer-Dante029Edmonton-birth-photographer-Dante030Edmonton-birth-photographer-Dante031caesarian section birth Edmonton-birth-photographer-Dante033mom hold her baby for the first timeEdmonton-birth-photographer-Dante035

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Absolutely gorgeous pics and family! You have a very unique style. I love it!

Thank you so much Jess! these 3 have a very big part of my heart I appreciate your kind words and comments!

Love this! Did you have a backstage vip pass to the OR? That’s awesome you got to capture all that for them!

thanks Sonja! I was really lucky they let me in the OR! I felt like it was a back stage pass!!

I am so in love with this video! I don’t think I will ever be able to watch it without tears in my eyes ❤️
Michel Feist you are the best!

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