When my wedding clients are expecting babies, I feel like life is coming full circle. It shouldn’t seem like such a surprise and it is a natural progression but I feel super proud of them when I hear or they send me a message to tell me a baby is on the way. Danielle and Cody have been dreaming of their family long before their pregnancy and long before their marriage too. They’ve always wanted kids and growing their family with little ones. I am so excited to watch this little one grow and to meet more of these little perfect Jarvis lovies.


The idea of birth photography for some people is a bit scary. The moments leading up to welcoming a baby into this world seems private and having a photographer there might seem obtrusive or embarrassing. When done right, birth photography is beautiful and intense. My plan for births are to tell the story in a documentary and unobtrusive way.

Here is a bit of Danielle had to say about the session and her thoughts leading up to it:
My initial thoughts when Michel presented Cody and I with birth photography was that it was an interesting idea. Michel had done our wedding photos a year prior and we knew she was insanely talented so we knew the pictures would be amazing!! So after showing Cody a picture or two of birth photography we said “Why not?”. Lets be honest in the midst of a labor and delivery room its slightly busy, chaotic and its not like the whole time your partner is gonna be standing there with the camera ready to capture each detail. His job is to be your comforter and support not the photographer!  

I was 5 cm dilated and Cody was like ” Ok Danielle its time to call Michel” , my first thought was man I feel so ugly right now I dont know if I want pictures haha, but of course we called and Michel literally made it just in time and got to capture some of the most life changing moments of our life! Having her there was amazing, I seriously did not even notice her in the room, she was so calm and collected and captured some amazing details of our birth, even the small stuff. Once our baby was born she was able to email me a few of the pictures from the day and I was BLOWN away. I knew it was a good idea.
A few short weeks later we got the usb of the pictures in the mail, and watched the slide show and both bawled. Everyone we have shown the pictures to cried also. Its such an intense day with so many emotions and its amazing to be able to watch and be reminded of the most precious moments in life. The photos are so tasteful and creative. There is one picture in particular that was the first moment that Cody and I both laid eyes on our little girl, codys face is priceless and I have a tear running down my cheek and its the most amazing thing you ever did see. We will forever cherish these photos and have both agreed that next baby Michel will be there!
So that being said DO IT! Pictures are there to capture some of the most life changing moments, your engagement, your wedding, whatever it may be. Capturing the birth of your child is the most amazing thing! It was a perfect experience. We couldn’t have asked for anything more. We will forever look at these pictures and cherish the moments where we became parents to the most beautiful baby girl. Thanks Michel. We love you xoxo

It was a complete honour to be in the room while Indiana Bre Sunrise came into this world and to document this birth for two amazing people. The nurses and doctors at Misericordia hospital were welcoming of me being in the room and mostly apologizing for being in my way, which they totally weren’t! I have to thank them for being so open to this process.

Here is the video of the birth. It still makes me cry every time. xox

Welcome to the world baby Indiana, you are loved beyond measure already.
Thank-you Danielle and Cody for allowing me to document the birth of your beautiful baby girl.


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