A day in the life session – Edmonton Branding photographer – Joy by Joelle

You know when you meet someone and you instantly fall in love? Yeah, that’s what happens when you meet Joelle Tripp. One of my clients once called her a “trucker barbie” and although that says nothing about how amazing she is about her job as an Edmonton event and wedding planner, it accurately sums up the gorgeous blonde, ripping f-bombs all the while smiling, hugging and making you feel heard and taken care of – and that’s all in the first 4 and half minutes you meet her.

Not one to take the beaten path at Joy by Joelle (hello!!! probably another reason I love her so much) she has the creativity of a genius and she makes shit happen. I mean literally, she is good with a drill and will bring to life nearly anything you can dream up.

So when Joelle first came to me about a branding session, I was so excited about what we would cook up together! After she cocked a pose whole-heartily in a full body spanx outfit for me, I knew, oh yeah… we’re going to get along just fine friend.

Branding sessions take a lot of planning, not only have we worked together with Joelle in front of my camera but she’s also fully planned branding sessions for other clients of mine, Roslyn Fung’s Day in the life branding session in her airbnb – was fully planned and executed by Joelle – thank god too, there were a lot of moving parts. Joelle held it all together for us.

This is what a day in the life session looks like with us. After the questionnaire has been worked through, I plan a coffee chat to discuss the shot list with my clients. We dig a little into your brand, your why and plan who needs to be in the session. The details are then evaluated as to what is achievable in the 3 hour session. We go over what you should wear, how many outfits you should bring, and how you can style the space with your branding elements. Sounds like what you’re looking for? Let’s chat more about making this happen for you!

Photography: Michel, Edmonton Branding photographer – Ampersand Grey

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