Shannon & Steve welcomed Amelia into the world with ease and love and even some laughs last week, I know this because I was there to document the moment she arrived to them. More from that a bit later.
4 days fresh I got to see baby Amelia again for her second photographic endeavour and she proved just as laid back and sweet the second time too. Shannon and Steve have already melted into parenthood with this little beauty and being so laid back themselves I didn’t expect anything less. Big brother Cooper of course had to make his move for the spotlight a few times, after all, his pole position as Mom and Dad’s most important guy has shifted just a little.

Photographing brand new families in their homes is a wonderful way to personalize your newborn session. Thank you Shannon and Steve for your trust and openness to this journey. I can’t wait to watch this little family grow!




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I think Amelia and Cooper will become awesome friends!!! 🙂

I think so too! Coop already has the big brother protection thing down

Beautiful! All look great! Handsome family

Very cute, congratulations you guys…best journey begins now 😉

Love all your pictures! Anxious to meet Amelia! Congrats to both of you…she’s beautiful!

Oh Cooper…. always wanting to be front and centre.
I love them! Thank you so much!

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