Ampersand Grey Mentor Academy

Many photographers, likely some of those you most admire, haven’t received their education in a formal school setting. Instead, most of us are self-taught and have bolstered what we have learned through our real-world experience with education through workshops.

Making your education a priority is paramount to advancing your career. But, informal instruction and YouTube-style tutorials lack the necessary feedback—that unbiased and meaningful critique—that creates true growth. That interaction, so that you can receive detailed, specific feedback, is so key.

I have been photographing weddings since 2010. I started as someone passionate about photography, and with some gut-level ability, but soon realized that making a career out of the art of story-telling would require a commitment to learning: taking that creative energy and ability and turning it into a sharpened skill. I sought situational education by way of guidance from other professionals who had fully honed their craft. I have travelled far and wide to learn from many photographers that I respect, and I have also spent numerous hours in a digital setting.

The goal for the Ampersand Grey Photography Academy isn’t to create the perfect scenario for you to bulk up your portfolio in highly staged or unrealistic situations. This type of learning is to elevate your brand, to make you a stronger photographer, and to learn in real life situations.

Making perfect photos with models is not my style of teaching.

I offer Photography Mentorships as a yearly membership or single sessions, and, if you’re looking to sharpen your skills, I welcome you to join me. I also offer a unique experience where I shoot with you for one of your weddings as a second photographer. I am passionate about teaching and obtaining industry standard through high-level integrity. I truly value the relationships I cultivate through mentorship and usually create a life-long connection with my students.

photography mentorship

Yearly mentorship package

The mentorship program is based on 12 mentor sessions
- 2 hours per month - online
- 2 portfolio critiques (one when we start one again in the second last session)
- I join one session with you with your own clients (portrait/engagement/family session)

This is the best program if you are investing in the overall growth of your business. You are able to customize these sessions specifically to your needs. In our first discovery meeting I will plan out the year ahead for you. We can spend time together focusing on the overall success of your business then zone in on the areas you struggle with. You will be held accountable and can learn at your own pace.

12 month mentoring 150/mon (billed monthly)

photography mentoring

I shoot for you

Do you learn best in the field? Then this program is right for you!
I will work beside you and with you as a second or third photographer, guiding you discreetly. Focusing on the story of the day I will help you come up with the best way to tackle any situation and pull back to observe the way you orchestrate on your own.
You will receive access to my gallery from the day, you see my thought process of chasing moments, what worked, what didn’t.

In our session after the wedding we will discuss my observations and I will provide you with immeasurable advice based on my critique


1 time mentoring session

Lets talk about whatever you want. Be it editing, shooting, business, or process and workflow. You guide what we chat about and I’m an open book.
2 hour sessions – 175
1 hour sessions – 100

Abby O'neill - NAIT student

As a photographic technology student studying at NAIT, having Michel as a mentor was a godsend. Feeling shy and unsure of my abilities as a photographer at first, Michel never failed to believe in me and help me believe in myself.

She was there to support me, while giving me the space to be free and wild with my own creativity. She easily solidified concepts that I had trouble understanding in school. (Maybe DONT shoot at 4000000 ISO)

Not only is Michel talented photographer, she has also become a lifelong friend.
Photo by Abby

Lindsay Fontaine - Photographer and Videographer

Michel is a non nonsense person in business. She is kind but direct and offers amazing perspective and experience to help guide you through challenges as they arise. She is always willing to provide thoughts and recommendation but always supports you in making your own decisions.

For me the reason I took the step into a mentorship with Michel is because I was ready to be 100% committed to my business. Before I started working with her I knew a lot about my cameras etc. but my experience in the business side of being a photographer was limited. One of the biggest things I was lacking was a system for managing clients and after speaking with Michel about this I changed my approach and automating and systemizing as much of my business as I can has already made running my business so much easier and now I can focus more time on growing my business instead of purely managing it.

I know one of my weaknesses was I so badly wanted to be able to make everyone happy. This left me without a clear path or identity as a photographer. Now I feel so much more confident and in control of my business and the way I choose to operate. Michel has taught me that you do not need to be everything to everyone. I have taken more ownership of my business and am making it into something that brings me joy AND pays my bills. I have also increased the number of inquiries I am receiving significantly which helps me to be so much more selective when working with couples and I know that if they do not want to work with me on my terms then it is ok for them to choose to move on. My business is growing like never before I am so excited to see where it takes me next.