My old hockey coach once told me that the great goal scorers never celebrated much after scoring. He told me this after my head nearly exploded scoring my first goal of the year. He said, ‘You never see Gretzky riding around on his stick after he scores. You should always act like a goal scorer, because no one likes a bragger.’

What does this have to do with an engagement session? Well screw that idea, I’m yelling at the top of my lungs about these two. I have known Adam & Maria for a few years now. Adam has been in more than a few wedding parties of past clients weddings and he’s always been one of my favourites. So when they came to me before they were engaged to talk about me shooting their wedding this summer, I was so so so so pumped–like riding my stick around on the ice–pumped. Traipsing through the river valley for this session was fun and full of laughs and butt grabs. Chasing light, chasing blossoms, chasing love. I couldn’t love this session any more. Thank you Adam and Mia, your shenanigans and love are the perfect combination.




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WOAH!!! You certainly found the light Dudess!!! 🙂

What the heck Maria!! I’m crying this is so beautiful no joke!

Love love love love love!!!! All you guys and the photos. Michel, are brilliant and Adam & Maria you are beautiful!!!!

Thanks so much Jess!!! xoxox miss you and joel!

you two are so cute together 🙂 amazing pictures

These photos are amazing and so is Maria and Adam

These photos are beautiful!!!!! Love it!!

GAHH!!!!! In love with their In Love!! <3

awe!! thanks Alicia! ME TOO!!!

We have to miss it because we will be visiting family in Toronto! So no pressure, but I am going to be attending vicariously through your photos! Can’t wait to see them!

I could’t agree more Sihaya! I bet we’ll see you little ones in july?

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