This video is like a small child to me already. Isaac and I have been working on and shooting it for over a year, some clips are from 2011! He has followed me through so many shoots and weddings, just watching it makes me teary. I can’t say enough amazing things about Isaac and his talent, vision and overall creativity. He is a gem of a guy worth a million laughs. You should check him out. Isaac Varty Films. He even makes a few appearances in this video as a groom.

Ampersand Grey – Edmonton wedding photographer from michel feist on Vimeo.


I had the help of some really amazing people to make this video happen. Lindsey and Jay, my stars. Thank you so much for trusting us to add this onto your wedding day after a hair-brained email a week before your wedding. You guys really made this happen for us. It seems like yesterday. George and Cheryl, forever a couple of my favourite people – many laughs have been had with you guys, I’m so glad your engagement session made the cut for this, thank you! Dan & Alisa, G-Star Raw, dudes, major thanks for putting up with the mosquitos in what was quite possibly the most amazing light I’ve ever seen. Jose & Natalie, the way you two love each other is so powerful and beautiful. I miss you guys. Andrew & Christa, you guys made the cut too! best goat photobomb ever, I wish we could go back to your day, what a blast. Courtney, you made my thoughts and ideas become a reality, thank you for being so elegant with your words. You’re such a talented lady. Mookie Salinas, for making me beautiful! And man, Adam & Sarah. You guys! I don’t even know what to say to you guys. You made this whole thing possible. I am where I am today from the help of you two amazing humans. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Donna. Oh Donna. I’ll save the speech, you know how I feel about you. You my friend are one of a kind. I just love you.



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I LOVE it! Love, love 🙂

This is pure awesome! Love the little bit at the end.. who doesn’t love love? 😉

Riiiight Sherrie?! hahah the end is my favourite too. thanks so much!

I really think that is “Oscar” material! I think your side-kick deserves “best supporting” award! Please send autographs. 🙂


Thank you so much Cheryl!!! 🙂

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