Steady hands over the edge of the boat, they shuffle in. The morning is crisp, the fog dipping into the lake and the pink sky starts to dance awake. We’ve all been up since 4:30 or so but stepping back as they launch off into the middle of the cove it is all very much worth it. I look out at them paddling out of the fog into the open water and realize that in this moment, I’d rather be here than just about anywhere else in the world. The morning is perfect and I make one of my most favourite photos of all time. This is their story, Rachel and Aaron’s. It isn’t made for anyone else that loves the water or the outdoors as much as them, it isn’t for pintrest or someone who googles lake engagement sessions. It is their love story and standing with one foot in the reeds and one foot in the dewy grass, I press the shutter and freeze that moment for forever.


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Chickakoo lake engagement session

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edmonton wedding photography



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