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Are you able to travel? Let’s go. My passport is always up to date! I offer reduced rates on bookings that involve travel; I aim to make it doable to secure the kind of photography that you wish, anywhere that you desire! Count me in.

Do we need to add a second photographer to our package? This is a good question. When I started photographing weddings, I did so alone. Due to the budgets of my clients at the time, I kept the cost down by photographing solo. And, as it turns out, I’ve thrived in this environment. Overtime, I added in a second shooter-one that pairs perfectly with me. Rachel knows exactly how I move, and she certainly adds to the moments by beautifully capturing what I could only do if I had two sets of eyes and octopus arms. I definitely suggest adding a second photographer if you’ll need photographers in different places at the same time or if you have a lot of guests present.

How do you feel about LGBTQ2 weddings? Love. Is. Freaking. Love. All of Ampersand Grey loves all people who love each other and absolutely welcomes any type of wedding, Especially those who are LGBTQ2! We have photographed women marrying women, men marrying men, Leap day weddings and Nerd Nite weddings. We love it all and are inclusive when it comes to your wedding day.

We’re awkward in front of the camera… will you help us? I will totally help you during your portraits and family photos. After all, you’re not models! (Or, maybe you are? That’s cool, too). I will guide you into feeling your most comfortable while looking your best, and I won’t over pose you with nit-picky adjustments. My clients love the natural look of the images I create of them, and I do this by suggesting actions you can do together that will pull out natural reactions. The rest of the day, I expect you to enjoy your guests while making memories, and I will be there to document those candid moments.

What do we receive afterwards? I curate a gallery of between 400 – 600 of the best images from the day. But because every day is different, some weddings have more details, tons of high-energy dancing, or are longer in length, it’s hard to give you an exact number. These high-resolution images will be hosted on your own online gallery to share with friends and family. You can add the custom USB to your package for $50 if you’d prefer something tangible.

When will they be delivered? Your final galleries and films will be delivered between 8 – 12 weeks after the event.

You talk about the golden hour on Instagram. What does that mean and how should we plan our portrait in this time? Oh, yes. I’m so glad you asked this question! The best time of day is that beautiful hour before the sun sets-The Golden Hour. It’s magical. I would welcome 15 minutes of portraits in this gorgeous glow over 2 hours in harsh daylight any day. Avoiding midday sun and planning your portraits outside of the 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. danger zone is ideal, but I do realize that it’s not always possible. I will find open shade and coverage when I need to. I will, however, ask you ahead of time if we can duck out of the reception for sunset (if your timeline allows).

What is your editing process? I don’t make people smaller or taller or smoother or more tanned. I will help a brother/sister out if a zit has popped its ugly head on your day. My editing is consistently classic and all images are carefully toned, colour corrected and white balanced to adhere to the style of Ampersand Grey.

Do we need to feed you on the day? That’d be awesome! We expend a ton of calories running around all day, and we love to be sat in your reception space to be close to that action while you and your guests are eating dinner. Although I don’t photograph people eating (gross), I always have my camera on my lap and am ready to capture you giving your gran a quick hug or your flower girl doing her first twirls on the dance floor.

Should I share my Pinterest board with you? This question is a gooder. My style of photography is photojournalistic: this means that I like to create images as they happen. Extensive shot lists can get in the way of the real emotion that is unfolding as the day plays out. I do, however, take family photos very seriously. Ahead of time, I will ask for detailed list of the family member groupings that you want captured. I will then print that list and call out the names for each grouping-no one will be missed and everything will remain stress free!

How do we seal this deal?
 After a chat on the phone or an in-person meeting, and we decide we are a good fit for one another (yay!), I’ll send you the contract to sign online. Once that has been signed by all parties, the retainer can be sent via email money transfer, and we’re all set! Our calendar is blocked off for you, and you will have us for the whole day!

So, we signed the contract… now what? After the contract is signed and retainer is sent, the real fun begins! You will receive a PDF of our welcome package, which contains the info you will need to make plans for your engagement session and requests for timelines. We are always available via email and can answer any questions that might pop up.

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Nikki & Devon

Magrath Mansion Edmonton Wedding

On this June day, the forecast called for rain—you can never predict the weather in this city. But, Nikki and Devon were determined to get married on the lawn. They must have willed it to happen because after a few raindrops in the morning, the sky cleared and the day was gorgeous.

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