Throughout our session a few weeks ago Andrew was doing a lot of whispering–I didn’t hear any of it but it sure made Christa laugh and that’s all that is important. These two have a connection unto anyone. A few weeks ago when visiting their wedding site, I saw Andrew sneakily buy Christa a scarf she was eyeing in the gift shop. When he gave it to her, she blushed a little and thanked him then said “You always spoil me” Amid the laughter and goofiness, these two are soft and thoughtful. I just love being around them. When Andrew told me about how he proposed to Christa I knew I wanted to document this love story. They are my kind of people.

Prior to the snowboarding season last year they were in one of the shops looking at some boards. Christa fell in love with one, so Andrew coyly mentioned that maybe he would buy her an engagement snowboard instead of a ring some day. To which Christa emphatically replied “YES!” The scheme was set, Christa takes her board in to get tuned up before a trip, Andrew buys the new board and the shop owner makes the switch. perfection. Arriving at the mountain, Andrew’s nerves are getting the best of him and Christa is noticing his jittery behaviour. He gets out of the car to get the boards but realizes that Muse is playing… “I can’t propose to MUSE!!” heading back over to the other side of the car to change the music to something more appropriate, he’s a nervous wreck! Christa finally comes around to his side of the vehicle commenting that she thinks its weird that he chose Michael Buble as his pump-me-up music and that’s when he shows her the snowboard, tells her all the reasons he loves her and asks her to be his wife. Now I mentioned that Andrew likes to spoil Christa, so of course he also got her a beautiful ring, at which this point, she needed to remind him to put it on her finger and of course said yes.

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You two are awesome. Thanks for letting us follow you along into this love story with you. July is going to be so great!

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