In early November, 2016 a past bride of mine posted on Facebook some heavy news about her then 5 month old son, George. He was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy, The left ventricle in Georges heart is enlarged and distended and its caused his lung to collapse. When he was first diagnosed his ejection fraction (the “squeeze power”) was only at 5%. The doctors were surprised he was even moving. After a few months of meds and tests and PIC lines and hospital stays, viruses, more monitoring (and mountains of other things)… his parents, Lindsey and Randy made the decision to put George on the heart transplant list. It was George’s only chance.

On the heart transplant list for over 50 days. Earlier this week, on a routine appointment with the cardiologist, they broke the news that George is getting a heart. So filled with mixed emotions, it can happen any day now.


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Those gorgeous eyes….

Strong vibes to you, George & family.

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