This weekend we leave for the biggest adventure we’ve embarked on yet. We leave on an airplane to start the week long festivities surrounded by friends and family to yell our love from the rooftops boat tops. We leave on an airplane to get married. All the work and all the planning brings us to this moment–to become husband and wife. In just over a week I will tell this to your face, through tears and smiles, no doubt, that I never thought I’d get married. I never thought I’d tie my life to someone else’s forever and I never thought someone would keep my attention for a lifetime. But you do, Matt Austin, you do. I love you, for all that you already are, unconditionally. You are my best friend. I can’t wait to be your wife.

You’ll do. forever.


the future – Michel Austin




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Congrats to you both! You’re both wonderful people and I’m so happy for you. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

Congratulations! And awesome idea for the rings! “You’ll do.” is hilarious! 🙂

We all,”Lov-lov”!! Hey…Who’s the ring bearer??? I heard it was Solomon (or a facsimile there-of).

Pictures? Michel did you remember to hire a photographer?!!
minor details….besides, I’m quite the ugly crier, no one needs to see that….
are we there yet!??!! I am soooo ready to love watching you tie your love together.
love, loving, love.
because after all…we really do love TRUE love.

Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials!!! So wish we could crash this shin-dig!!! There had better be pictures/videos…LOTS!!! 🙂 🙂

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