Small and intimate, Donelda & Tim planned what turned out to be the perfect day, in just a few short weeks. The livingroom swooned with love, laughter and tears of happiness. The way he looks at his new bride just melted me and Donelda has the smile that lights up her whole face and the room. This small family wedding filled my heart up to the brim.

I can say this over and over again but I am so honoured to be a part of such intimacy. Many many years in the making Donelda & Tim are now Mr. & Mrs. congratulations you two. So very very yay.




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You seem to have had a fantastic year, Michel!!! You’ve got a great eye for picking just the right shot, and bringing out peoples’ personalities for our mind’s eye to see!
Congratulations on a wonderful year, and we wish you and yours a very productive 2015!!
Mr & Mrs ‘Pegger

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