I’ve been searching for the words I could put to this Maui, Hawaii wedding for awhile and I’m pretty sure I’ll never come up with the right ones. I will share with you instead from Judy’s words how she felt about her favourite moment from the day:

From Judy: besides becoming husband and wife of course!… walking down the ‘aisle’!!!…the beach at Po’olenalena had the most amazing aisle!! The anticipation was intense and epic! I felt like I was the luckiest girl in the world about to marry the man of my dreams and that long beautiful tree lined pathway provided me the time to think about my happiness, my kids (all ‘three’ of them) my friends and family who weren’t with us (living and deceased) …That reflection time surrounded by nature combined with my excitement to see Darren…it’s unexplainable!!

Judy, Darren, Braden, Jericho & Tristan – this day will be forever be marked in my career and personal highlights. Thank you for including me in it. It was a magical day that serendipitously came together because of your big gigantic hearts – big love to you all.



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Talk about uniqueness! I really “lava” this! 🙂

nice one, Jerry!!! 😉 thanks!

Wow, Michel! This is so cool 🙂 Thank you so much for not just capturing the day, but capturing so much of ‘US’! You are a truly talented photographer!!

AND … so fitting you posted this today! I was just thinking about you…. I’ll send you a PM 😉

Love you Judy!!! thank you for your thoughtful words — me an you girl, we’re connected like that!

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