A completely unscripted, raw, candid and even emotional at times session in your home with your kindred kin.
Doesn’t that sound lovely?
They are your people, and your tribe – the ones who love you even when you’re being weird or loud or have dirty hands.
Meet the Roughleys

edmonton family photographer

The Roughley’s are an amazing family. Shauna and Gareth are dear friends and the two talents behind Roughley Originals. When they asked me to do a family session with them I was pumped at the opportunity of course but was really excited that they asked me for a real in home session. They are the kind of parents that are completely hands on and play with their kids so I knew it was going to be fun but I never thought it would be this good. Their two boys are funny and emotive and polite and goofy. We staged none of these images (other than telling them to sit on the bed-which didn’t work anyway). They just did their thing and allowed me to be in their space. What an honour.
I hope you can make it through this post. She’s kind of a doozie.

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oh….those toes though!!

What a beautiful story & family.
I felt like I was creeping in on the Roughly s a little but since I scrolled through more than once I felt at home so figured it was ok.

Outstanding yet again Ampersand Grey.


Thank you donna. it feels a bit creepy right? I love that you felt at home.

It is a rare thing to have your family captured just the way they are. To see the silly faces, or the little routines, or the small moments that make up our lives.
But man, seeing them from your angle, you have taken my breath away. I will treasure these always. I will look back at Max’s tiny frame in our closet. At Callum and I cuddling in his bed. At this fleeting time when our boys are just tiny and we are everything to them.
Thank you so much my friend. I can’t begin to express how much these mean to me.

This is the best message! thank you so much for allowing me be in your space and to see your hearts. I love you all! Michel

I’m struggling to put into words how I’m feeling about these. Seeing our family, in our element, doing our thing. To have a glimpse of what our day looks like, it’s pretty amazing. The only thing that isn’t like every day is I have makeup on
These are a treasure. You have captured my boys at such a precious age and I’m so incredible grateful. Thank you xoxox

Good job Michel! Looks great

Yup. This is your jam. Your best work, Feist. I am one proud chickadee of her bestie.

Got teary eyed looking at these. What great memories! And ofcourse a beautiful family too!

I am tired just looking at these photo’s !! Very nice job. Patti

So much love! It makes my heart feel happy

I can’t tell you enough how much I LOVE the candidness of these shots!! US NEXT!! 😉

That would be amazing Justine! Thank you

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