Last month Rhonda, my home girl from Sweet and Sassy Photography, (holla!) asked me to photograph her family. I was honoured. I had heard so much about the gang and after hanging out with Rhonda for the summer I was stoked to meet the rest of her people. I went out to her place for dinner to meet the family prior to the session and completely fell in love with those jack-asses. They are my kind of people. Because I don’t have kids, I am always nervous meeting them for the first time but these kids were awesome, so come session time, we were golden – dancing, laughing – even if it was a bit chilly they rocked it. I didn’t even have to put them in the cupboard once.

xox love you guys.

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love. love. love.

michel xox

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I LURVE them all! Your the best

Oh goodness I love them, especially the last one 🙂

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