“Dude, you’ve been replaced” An uproar of laugher filled the entire hall after Corey’s first line in his thank you speech to Leanne’s Dad.

Upon meeting with Leanne and Corey we knew we would be in for a great day with them and their wedding party and they didn’t disappoint. They are light and fun, laid back and in love without much fuss. They planned the perfect yellow and grey country ceremony in the Grain Elevator park in St. Albert and decorated the Curling club sweetly for their reception. As Leanne held onto Coreys arm during the speeches, he kissed her hand and gave her a smile. Its one of those looks saved only for her. He may not have been replaced but Leanne’s heart is sure filled with a new mans love–I’m pretty sure Leanne’s Dad is ok with sharing her with a guy like Corey.

I hope you two are enjoying your sunny Hawaiian adventure. Congratulations and much love to you two. Here is your sneak peek.








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