Nikki and Devon were married at the Magrath Mansion in Edmonton’s historic Highlands neighbourhood.

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This is such a beautiful location for a ceremony with the red brick, the old-style columns, the lush green canopy of trees. Against this beautiful backdrop, the bridesmaids’ gold dresses glittered in the sunlight, and of course, Nikki and Devon… what a stunning couple. Their love sparkled the whole day through and made my job of capturing the love between them easy to do.

On this June day, the forecast called for rain—you can never predict the weather in this city. But, Nikki and Devon were determined to get married on the lawn. They must have willed it to happen because after a few raindrops in the morning, the sky cleared and the day was gorgeous.

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This was a special wedding for me to shoot because I had previously photographed the maid of honour’s wedding—she had been my very first bride! It was such an honour to know that Adam and Sarah loved the photos from their wedding day so much that they would refer me to their dear friends and keep referring me to their friends, 6 years later.

One of the most spontaneous moments for me to document for this special day came when Nikki and Devon were just about ready to getaway—post reception, with Paris in the morning on their minds! Nikki and Devon were in a Bentley. We had sparklers, everyone was outside, and we were ready to see them off. The classic send off was about to commence when all of the sudden, one of the groomsmen shouted something along the lines of… “Dude, you need to give me your shirt and vest to get back to the rental company!”

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So, off it came – with hands reaching in the car and pulling off his clothing. Nikki and Devon and everyone else was laughing hysterically. And suddenly, there was a shirtless Devon (his M. O., apparently) ready to cruise away with his bride. It’s moments like that—unplanned, unstaged, totally in the moment, and oh-so-them—that I just love to capture.

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