After meeting Leslie, I just felt a connection. I felt like I just wanted to be around her. She’s the warmest and most kind and generous person you’ll ever meet. Their family welcomed me into their Hawaiian adventure with open arms, I felt like I knew them at first meeting. Thank you Leslie, Tony, Sophie and Travis along with all of the family–being with you on Po’olenalena, was a dream come true both as a photographer and as a witness to love and connection. Maui, Hawaii really is the best place on earth!



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I’d love to go there…..gorgeous pics!!

Fantastic photos as always Michel! That must of been your favorite wedding to shoot yet! Lol. Christa & I are headed to Maui in less then two weeks, so this was a nice teaser! 🙂

Christa was telling that you’re going Andrew!!! so excited for you guys! it really is such a cool place, if you’re like us, you won’t want to come home.

I dont have time to look at yhe blog.right now but right after work in coming back to it!! I LOVE HAWAII!!! Theae look amazing!! 🙂 you’re so spectacular! 48days and counting woohoo

So pretty, the colors are so rich

wow these Hawaiian wedding photos are simply beautiful! So happy that Kim and Jason ( Branton) have chosen you as their photographer! Can’t wait to meet you! Cathy- mother of the soon to be groom.

Thank so much Cathy! the countdown is ON for Banff!!! I just can’t wait

La Bouakham you might still have a chance to do a wedding in Hawaii

Great pics! Looks like it was a beautiful and intimate wedding!

Eee! Seriously amazing. The one with all their little feet piled on the couch!!

that is my absolute favourite too. Thanks Jill!

Love the silhouette one Michel! You need to blow that one up big!

aren’t they the cutest? they called it the fart couch, to be honest… one would toot then they’d all giggle. it was the best!

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