Ryan and Melissa are two of the craziest, honest, stylish and hard working people I know. Ryan used to be my boss of sorts and is really more of a brother to me so upon meeting Melissa and photographing their engagement session I really saw a different side of Ryan. This cute, giggle, snuggly side that really creeped me out. but in a good way. Being given 4 hours for a portrait session I squealed and cringed all at once, I knew we’d make an epic day of it. Only 2 laws were broken in the making of this wedding day, to my knowledge.

ps. I ain’t no Mitch ditch, yo


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Nice pics Ryan. I had to creep your page because you haven’t added me as a friend yet!!!! Please do

Also, awesome photos as always. We miss seeing you every other week at weddings this year! Lol 😉

I know right!! I miss you guys so much!!!

That is such a cool effect! How did you do that????

That’s so awesome! It’s that same “tracer” effect you get when you swing around a stick that is just glowing embers! I love it! Great job!

Hey Andrew Thanks so much!! I set up a tripod for the camera and left the shutter open for 20 seconds or so, then I ran like a fool around them with a light!

Omg omg omg!!!! I love them!!!!! Thank you

Thank you guys for being so awesome!!!

You look absolutely stunning, Melissa!

Beautiful pictures of beautiful people!

Amazing … You’re so beautiful Melissa !!

Omg! I love them. Just finishing our mini honeymoon, re-capping our wedding and now we have some amazing pics, great way to end our trip!

have a safe trip home! I can’t wait to share the rest with you guys!

Absolutely stunning Melissa Uharada Scott

Oh gorgeous!!! Her dress is breathtaking!!

wow beautiful pics. I love them

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