When Matt and I got engaged last year, he proposed without a ring. feeeew! We both agree he probably wouldn’t have picked a ring I would like in a million years so instead we decided when we were ready we’d go together. This summer when my photography business got busier and busier, I needed to pick up some gear – renting lenses every weekend was getting old. So Matt asked whether I wanted to use the money we saved for the ring on a different kind of ring (yeah the lens – baby!!). I chose the left. This amazing lens was a no-brainer to me at the time and before long became the running joke that I got an engagement lens. So a few weekends ago, when Matt asked me what I had planned for the day, he thought maybe we should get that real ring after all – I kind of got all girly and excited.

..and the feeling hasn’t left, I’m a total girl, staring at my hand all day long. who would’ve thought? I’m the luckiest girl on the planet.

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oh and hi new blog! I am super excited it is finally here! (I am done trying to be a web developer)



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That’s mighty purty, Miss Michel. And you are my kind of gal – I totally would have gone for the lens first. 😉 (congrats again, my sweet!)

Warms my heart. So happy for you. xo tam

Awww. Sigh. I love these romantic tales. Of course, we photographers do tend toward swooning at lenses more than the normal person might. And I happen to have had a rather wonky engagement story myself. My now-husband and I were discussing travels over burgers at a place called the Crazee Burger. No joke. And I said, “well, how do we want to prioritize our budget?” and he said, “ummm… about that… ummm… how important is, you know… umm… having a ring?” and I responded, “Um, you just proposed at the crazee burger, didn’t you?”

Yeah, we’re romantic like that. Anyway, this made me think of that, so I am in a good mood, now. Thanks!



I have seen the ring, IN PERSON and it’s SO SHINY hahaha. Beautiful. So excited for you guys! Also so glad you gave yourself a year to plan, I don’t think I would be a sane person if we tried to do it in a shorter amount of time, and I didn’t even do much of anything!

Hello new blog you are lovely, and so you are you sweet Michel. I am loving all your engagements gifts you lucky girl! xoxo

oh, the ring is absolutely gorgeous!
and the lens is beautiful, too.
and your blog rocks big-time.
matt’s the best fiance ever.
you are wonderful.
miss you!

eeeek! I love it!!
really it’s gorgeous, just like you.
and of course you look at it all day.
heehee. you are a girl after all.
so happy for you guys

oh, and btw. nice blog. 🙂

Yay for bling! Love the blog.

i like this story. and the ring is perfect. good work. 😉

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