when it is national dog day, I think it’s best to post a photo of the cutest beagle ever. Meet Gabby.


Gabby the beagle likes tasty treats, big Irish wolf hounds and at least half of a bucket of wine gums. When her mom isn’t tripping over her and bruising shins, legs or ankles she like to hoard her clothing store, Hye Fashion, for dresses that show off her best a**et – her legs. clearly. Her dad is wrapped pretty tightly around her finger too but he at least makes her sit and stay and doesn’t let her run into traffic. Her mom and dad are both from Saskatchewan but don’t hold that against them, people from there are clearly the most fun people around. See for yourself here at their engagement session.


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Thanks Ferrah Graham & Bonnie Guy!! It is truly Michel’s talent!! I can’t wait for you to see for yourself at the wedding!

Aw Bailey Reilly, you’re so sweet!! 😀 I credit our tented photographer!! xoxo

So good Michel. So much personality in these photos.!

thanks so much Carly! that means a lot coming from you

We had a BLAST with Michel!! She puts everyone at ease & captures the perfect awkwardness of real people (and dogs)!

thanks Kristin! they are kind of my fave

You could be models! Great pictures!

Janel Dee could you be any babelier??

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