I’ve been a bit quiet around here for a few months, the slow season is a time to rebuild, clean up and for process evaluation. I have a few things still brewing but for now, my new business home (virtually and physically) have changed a bit.


Since January, I’ve moved my consults, meetings and final client viewings into a gorgeous studio space I share with some fantastic people. In the back of this meeting area is a gorgeous 750 foot natural light studio. Seriously swoon worthy. I can’t take any credit though, this is the baby of my pal Blake. Being in this space feels like home. I haven’t made the full transition yet into working from the space full time but I’m hoping this summer will force me into working from there as well. I am a serious homebody and with that comes some amazing perks while running your own wedding photography business.


Working from home in my pjs is really the dream I had all along. Matt calls it my semi-retirement. I’m like an old man most of the day walking from my office to the kitchen in a robe, coffee in hand, the swishing sound of my slippers on the tile. Solomon loves this too, I’m home with him all day. He’s my old man shadow, the clip-ity of his nails, right behind me. Sounds awesome right? well not so much for my mental well being or lets be honest my personal hygiene some days. I loved working downtown and the energy I got stepping up onto Jasper Ave from the LRT station. I felt grown up and a part of something. Something bigger than me and Solomon. Although my heart could live out it’s days in a cabin in the woods, my soul needs some action. So making a new office home in Studio 203 is going to be awesome. I can’t wait.


Also since January, I’ve rebranded my little business. It all started as good stories do, on Etsy. I ordered the “Hey you’re awesome” print print for Donna from Justine Ma’s print shop. When the envelope came in the mail, Ampersand Grey was written on the front in the most amazing hand lettering I had ever seen. I stared at that envelope for months. I thought it was a bit “pretty” for me but I  couldn’t get it out of my head. So, I finally contacted Justine to have her make it my logo. We worked at how we would incorporate or change the a&g icon and I came up with a “watercolour blob” we affection like to call it. I wanted to incorporate different colours for the blob and I envisioned it changing up on the blog as an animated gif. I think it’s perfect. Branding and creating stationery is kind of my favourite so working on that over the last few months has been super fun. Justine is amazingly sweet and talented. She does hand-lettering for just about anything, Invitations, signage and logos. She can make anything look prettier. Working with her was a dream.


Our wedding season is kicking off next weekend with Rachel & Aaron and we are stoked, ready and excited for this year of awesome couples, wickedly cool spaces and new beginnings. Thank you for all that follow along. We are immensely excited to have you and appreciate you being here with us.

Thank you for finding our work. We'd love to chat if it resinates with you!

We love connecting over coffees or fizzy water or beers!


BTW…Whose gonna do “your” Mexican shin-dig??? Selfies??? 🙂


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