Believing big and having faith are what make these two. I am so inspired. Their trust in me still now, as I write this, brings back the nerves I felt pulling up to Prairie Gardens on their wedding day.

Even baby goats, the best pink grapefruit sorbet I’ve ever tasted, bowties, Nike sneaks, Kate spade, jvarty the snap chat maniac, burlap picnic tables, outdoor tent-best wheat field wedding I’ve ever seen with my eyes, can’t take my heart away from these two and believe me, all of that photographic distraction/beauty really tried to steal me away. It wasn’t hard to fix on them, not only the moments they had with each other but with the moments they had with the people who helped bring them to this day – their community of family and friends. This day seemed like the culmination of so many days of my career brought to fruition.

The definition of why I do what I do was once again proved on this day – if I actually trust my heart when shooting, my body will just follow along, because it already knows what to do.

Thank you Adam and Maria for bringing me along with you on this adventure. Silly classic Isaac belly ice cream stained laughs, go-cart meanders, train jumps, red bull crashes, RV naps and hella dance party shenanigans barely scratch the surface of this day. Congratulations, I can’t wait to see you both grow and shine.

much love, Michel xoxox






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