Being asked to photograph a proposal is such a huge honour. The nervous excitement knowing the secret ahead of time is what makes me so giddy. Waiting for them to round the corner, Raheem leading Zainab into the spot we chose ahead of time, I’m about to explode. Her life was about to change and me, this stranger standing in the bushes was in on the secret. I was so excited for her.

I have photographed 4 proposals now and each one is so exhilarating and amazing.

When Raheem emailed me he had a cool calmness about him, I knew I’d like him right away. He chose a really great spot on the river valley looking down into the evenings sunset. When we met ahead of time to scout the location he told me about the plan he had to ask the love of his life to spend the rest of her life with him. Raheem is a medical student, so that of course takes up a great deal of his time. Time spent away from Zainab. She has mentioned to him before that she wishes he was a writer, so at least there would be something to show for his time away from her. So Raheem made her a book. A book that went through their entire relationship together. One that they will cherish forever. After he handed her the book and they went through it together he got down on one knee and popped the question. Of course she said yes.

I wouldn’t call myself a proposal photographer but I would say if you are looking to propose to your significant other, hiring a photographer to capture the moment is a sure fire way to really impress and create a legacy of moments for your entire lifetime. Thank you Raheem for trusting me with this moment. Congratulations you guys!

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From both Zainab and I, thank you so much Michel for your wonderful, breathtaking photos! You are truly an artist of the highest calibre and we can’t wait to work with you at our wedding.

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