So fresh in my mind, the lovefest that was yesterday. Rachel & Aaron’s wedding was throwing tradition out the window and filling it instead with joy, sentiment, beautiful words, non-grocery store cards and a plethora of love, hugs, orange and happy tears. It was perfect. These two crazy kids were surrounded by their village last night and it makes me feel tingly still thinking about how much everyone in that room loves them so dearly. Rachel, I will miss the twirly girl bridal selfies texts and all your awkward faces. Aaron, you made that suit look good, dude and even your shoes had shoes, how awesome is that. I love you guys. Thank you, for having us there with you yesterday (and no, I don’t have to say that) it was truly an honour but thank you for your trust, mostly. It means the world.


A huge thank you to Sarah from VIP Events
Andrea with Orange for the gorgeous job on Rachel’s hair and Switchblade Glam for make up
Flowers by Cerise


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These are amazing. Nice job, peeps <3 <3

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