To say Dan is a bit of a character would be the understatement of the planet. Alisa rounds him out in all the good ways though, still letting his crazy bits shine through. Which makes them perfect for each other. If anything was achieved during this session it was Dan seeing the look he puts on Alisa face when this crazy shines through a bit more than she’d like. Anyone who know these two have seen this look. a lot.

Thank you two for following me around the back alley’s of downtown in search of trouble. We found it too but I’ll let Dan tell the story of the pat down.

xox michel

This is the look right here.. haha.. I just love it

Isaac of Isaac Varty films was with us for the session as well. The bark gave way on the log he was standing on to get this shot and he hit the ground with a soft thump. “I’m OK!, I’m OK!” he yells… as I look over and see him flat on his back, face covered in dirt, with his camera held up high still shooting. And that my friends is dedication! Now that I know he is safe I’ll have to admit it was most hilarious to see.

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Beautiful shots Michel!!!! I’d LOVE to hear the pat-down story 😉

You hit this one out of the park, Michel! Beautiful!! Captured the awesomeness of the couple perfectly!!

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