It’s been a week and he’s still alive, I think we’ll all be ok. A 48 hour trip to Mission BC and back, a terrible hair cut in our bathtub, picking up my first public poop, trying to keep a straight face while kicking him off the bed when he’s being the cutest dog on the planet, a vet visit, numerous ear drops and a foot infection– brings us to our week-a-versary!! Matt and I have joined the ranks of pet owner and we couldn’t be more honoured to call his mutt ours.

I’ve never had an pet as an adult. I had a bird, various cats a rabbit and my dad took care of my horse as a kid but I haven’t had the actual responsibility to keep another being alive since I was about 10. I always wanted a dog but we weren’t allowed. Probably since the 3rd month Matt and I started dating, my answer to almost all of this questions was “a puppy”. “guess what I got you?!” he’d ask – a puppy “do you need anything from Sobeys” yup! a puppy –I was kind of obsessed. But to be honest, when he started the search for our new family member it made me super nervous. Other than my stupid selfish self, I haven’t really had anyone or anything depend on me to sustain their livelihood. I mean Matt keeps me alive with his cooking, not the other way around. So when he text me the picture of this super face, I thought I could actually picture the next 12 or so years with this little man. (12 years!!!!! – that’s a hefty amount of time too!) So, I guess we got a puppy. Now I can shut up.

3 things I didn’t know about having a dog:

  • when you are a person that already talks to yourself having a dog around only makes you feel more like a crazy person
  • no matter how cool you thought you were in high school, there is nothing graceful about picking up a warm poo of your neighbour’s lawn
  • I call myself Mom to him – just like I always made fun of the way my Dad did. When he jumped on the bed the first thing I said was you wait until your Dad hears about this, and now I’m my Mom too. awesome.

I have a sneaking suspicion you’ll be seeing an awful lot more of this handsome devil. I love my Solomon man. xox


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Super cute! We’ll have to get him and our Johnny together for a playdate 😉


can’t even begin to tell you how much you sound like me in this one, and how much it sounds like our experience.
so happy for you.

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