– unusually warm autumns. dude it’s October and I don’t need a jacket most days, that’s awesome, and I also feel kind of sad for our pathetic summer.

– Leaving the office when the sun is still up. It’s not going to last very much longer so I am relishing in the lingering light.

– Smiling strangers. The stranger good morning is something I’m personally working on.

– Making online connections with people then meeting them and they are even more awesome in real life and are way prettier too! Hi Aia!

– Fresh edamame from the garden. ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW? Do you know edamame? I have had a mild to medium addiction to them for a few years now. Ok who am I kidding it’s Full. On. well the Cosco frozen bags are dirt compared to growing it in your own back yard. For serious.  This might be my very most favorite ever. If you don’t know what edamame is, you need to go out and get some – you come near my yard though, you’ll get a whoopin’

Happy Wednesday!


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hmmmm never had it. must try it. And I’m impressed you are going without a jacket, I’ve been watching your weather, much colder than here. I think we are full on into an Indian Summer. 80 degrees warm and sunny. I’m so happy I’m still in flipflops.
and btw? i hate captcha

Love edamame too! Never thought about growing it though… great idea!

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