This autumn I had the pleasure of meeting a few families for fun lifestyle sessions. I’ve been a bit hesitant about taking on family sessions as I didn’t think they would be more fun than stress. Weddings are amazingly fun to me. Although there is some stress involved (obviously) but it is – after all – the most amazing day of two peoples lives so everyone is generally in pretty great spirits throughout, even when things don’t turn out the way they were planned. I didn’t think that would necessarily be the case for family sessions. I mean kids, husbands, moms… how do you keep them all happy for 2 hours? Well I have been happily proven wrong this year. I’ve met some really awesome people and think next year I’ll do more of them!

The Hodges are fan-freaking-tastic. Donna and I set out with this awesome family for a gorgeous afternoon in the river valley. This family is ultra-cool (Thanks Auntie Melissa for picking out the sweaters!). The boys are both talented musicians, one on the cello the other on the piano both play lacrosse and ride a mean skate board. Because they have never done family photos before (I know…seriously… Makael is 8!!) I tricked them into thinking that running madly around a park is what a family photo session is, and because Kim is so busy back in school and still working part-time and Russ was just getting over the whooping cough, they were way too tired to object!

The Hodges are fully aware that if this whole family photography thing back-fires and not everyone isn’t a cool as them that it is completely their fault. I will need to be compensated with payment of marshmallows and paintings of sunflowers. I know where you live.

May I introduce.. The Hodges.

Thank you Hodges, see you again at M’s wedding in 15 years or so.

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Great shots! Love the boys circling on the steps! Those reflextion ones hurt my brain.. xo

Whoa, that spooky ghosty one totally freaked me out!


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