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Thanks so much for choosing Ampersand Grey!
We are so honoured by your choice in having us be there for your exciting day. After witnessing year and years of weddings we don’t take this job lightly. We've all seen a thing or two in all sorts of different weddings so we're going to pass on some insight in this page ahead!

We can’t wait to get started creating your custom photographic experience. We know how special this day is for you, and we're thrilled to be capturing your personal love story.

Let’s dive into the details…

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wanna have some fun making cool images together?


I keep weekday evenings open for portrait sessions. The golden hour—those two hours before sunset—provide us the most spectacular, gorgeous light to work with. Light is such a key photographic element, so I really love to capitalize on this magical time of day.

The session will be free flowing, which means I take photos as we are moving through the location. These ultra-candid images often produce some of the most amazing images, so please leave your bags, phones, and any extras in the car so that we can capture these moments as they arise.

I make room for your chemistry, your real reactions, and the light and the space around us to produce photo-worthy moments rather than going into a session with preconceived ideas.

I won’t over-pose you, but I will provide subtle direction. I focus on the real by drawing out natural reactions. For instance, if I want you to laugh, I will get you to laugh by suggesting you perform an act. My plan is not for this silly dance move or whisper into her ear to be perfect; instead, it’s the reaction of it that we’re after – and that is how I capture the way you are together rather than have an idea of how you are and stage that idea.

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Start by looking in your closet: you likely already own something that you feel great in! It’s much easier to be natural in front of the camera when you feel good and you’re comfortable.

You should see yourself in the mirror and think, “YES, that’s me. I rock this!” Because when you feel good, it shines out of your face like sun beams!

Keep in mind I like to move a lot in sessions. If you can dance in heels, feel free to wear them. If not, maybe try something more comfortable.

Stray away from being matchy-matchy. Gone are the days of matching couples in the Canadian tuxedo (sadly) or entire families in denim and white t-shirts (cue the laser background from 1993). Staying in the same hue and adding an accent colour works well.

One way to play up the fun, while keeping things classic is by choosing the right accessory. A statement necklace, belt, scarf or pair of shoes can go a long way in ramping up your outfit in a subtle but striking way. Visible bra straps and panty lines can quickly distract, and while you may not notice these things as much in person, they do show up in photos, so be sure to do a triple check before heading out the door!

To capitalize on the time we have together, I suggest no more than one outfit change. One outfit that you feel great in works just fine!

Location, Location, Location

We will pinpoint a location for your portraits that reflects your style and that you love: Quirky? Ultra-modern? Urban? Rural? Let’s chat about this, come up with a plan, and be flexible as we go to take the unique opportunities that may arise in the moment. You’ll quickly learn that it doesn’t matter where I am photographing you, that I am a crow chasing light and being inspired by my surroundings.

The industrial space is open and comfy but also open to style as you wish. The exposed brick adds to the in-home feel.

The studio is also a good jumping off point into the urban downtown. If your style lends to the modern flare, there are a lot of locations we could meander in and around Edmonton’s core.

Wandering into the River Valley to add some nature to your session is always a good plan for the outdoorsy. The River Valley in Edmonton is expansive. Every entrance reveals a new and adventurous nook, exposing creeks and hills, hoodoos and sandbars.

Your home reflects you in some way, so in-home sessions are another way to really personalize the session. And, of course, it’s easy to relax and be yourself in your own space.

If you know anything about me, you know I love my dog. So, I totally get wanting to include your pets in your session. I say heck yes (with a plan). Let’s start the session with your best pals, but have someone come and pick them up after 15 minutes so that we have the freedom
Starting the sessions with your best pals but having someone come and pick them up after 15 freedom to move into the rest of the session without poop bags and too much excitement.

WHAT TO DO BEFORE SAYING I DO - lets plan the perfect timeline

Depending how you plan your day, your portraits may not all happen at the same time.
That’s okay. (We’re flexible like that.)

Getting ready - 30 mins - 1 hour
These days some men are opting out of getting ready photos all together. Usually due to location of where they are getting ready or for the simple fact that they would prefer not to. All is okay, just go with what you would prefer. If you want images captured but it doesn’t work because of location, I can always hang out with either party prior to the first look or ceremony in a more casual way in a back room or outside. If your wish is for me to capture details of your wardrobe and details be sure to have these things gathered for when I arrive; dress, suit, shoes, invitations, jewellery or specific items of significance such as family heirloom that you might be incorporating in any way into your day.

Ceremony 15mins to 1.5 hours
The length of your ceremony may vary widely depending on the type of ceremony you are having. A short and sweet ceremony is about 15mins and church services can be 45 mins. Afterward allow enough time to greet your guests if you chose to do a receiving line (usually take about 30 mins)

Family photos 15 - 30 mins
I prefer family photos to be at the location of the ceremony, immediately following the ceremony. This way everyone one is already there and in place. Speaking to each family member that you wish to include to remind them of the plan is important to keep this part of the day seamless!

Wedding party & the couple portraits 30 mins (and onward)
Timing really depends on the amount of locations you want and how long the travel time is between each location. Just remember the time you spend on photos is the time you spend away from your guests but the more time we have for portraits the better the portraits will be as you will become more relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. The most ideal time to do the portraits is the final hour before sunset. I would prefer to pull you out of your reception for 15 mins of gorgeous portraits in this time than to shoot 2 hours of portraits in harsh mid afternoon light.

The reception 2 - 4 hours
Your first dance, dancing guest, speeches and mingling with your friends and families, sharing your joy is what the reception is all about. Your wedding day is unique to you so its a good idea to decide if you would prefer complete reception coverage or have me stay until a few songs after the first dance just when the party is getting started.

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THE FIRST LOOK | Seeing each other before the Ceremony

Picture it: You’ve finished getting ready, and are about to marry your love, witnessed by family and friends. Now imagine sharing a private moment, where you see each other for the first time, getting the chance to kiss, hold hands, whisper, and snuggle. If you choose to do the first look, it will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable parts of your day. It also helps to relieve each other’s jitters, so when you walk down the aisle, you’re able to relax, taking in more of the emotion of your guests.

From a photographic standpoint, you are fresh, clean and wrinkle free. It’s an excellent time to shoot the portraits of the two of you and your wedding party (and creates a smoother timeline for family portraits after the ceremony). These once in a lifetime photos will be cherished and likely some of your favourites of the day!

Of course, I understand how important tradition may be for you, and if you choose not to see each other until the ceremony, that works great too! Consider both options, and go with whatever feels right for you.

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A BOUDOIR SESSION | Beautifully natural and breath-takingly sexy

We’ve been given these shapes—these curves, these angles, these raw, real forms—to hold our hearts. We should honour our bodies.

I acknowledge that it can be difficult to believe in our own beauty. Like many other women, I have struggled with distorted body image. But, I say, it’s time we reclaim our forms from those untrue thoughts. It’s time we pull ourselves away from what may be holding us back and stop to capture ourselves as we are. Let’s allow ourselves to feel beautiful while doing so.

We only get this one life to live—so, fuck it! Let’s capture ourselves now, as we are, and let’s look at ourselves and think: wow, I am beautiful. These images are beautiful--they have captured me.

These intimate sessions will reflect that stillness that I aim to pull into my life and allow to expand into this work. This stillness will allow the intimacy of beauty—the bending, stretching, the movement of form—to be fully realized. This beauty will not only emerge through photography, but in the space where we work together to create this kind of important art. You might feel nervous at first but you will feel beautiful.



• 2 hour experience with Michel in the loft
• professional hair & makeup
• Full usage of the Farm Wife Style jewelry line
• A private styling consultation
• An 8x8 album of your favourite images
• All the files from your session in high resolution



90 min experience with Michel in the loft
• professional hair & makeup
• Full usage of the Farm Wife Style jewelry line
• 25 digital files (full gallery available for purchase)
• 3 outfits + in the sheets



60 min experience with Michel in the loft
• professional makeup
• 10 digital files
• 1 outfit + in the sheets

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AFTER THE HONEYMOON When will your photos be ready to view?

So you arrive home from your (hopefully sunny) vacation, and are crazy excited to view your wedding photos.

Within a week or so of the wedding, we typically show a ‘sneak peek’ either emailed to you or on Instagram (lets connect there if we aren't already!)

The digital processing of the final images takes approximately 8-12 weeks. When they’re ready, I will contact you with the info to access your online gallery.

If you want a custom USB mailed to you please inquire about this if you haven't already added it to your package!

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CROSSING t’s & DOTTING i’s Ampersand Grey Studio Policies

Engagement Session Times:
You know that glowy, golden light that makes everything look kind of magical in photos? That’s the pocket of time I love to capture engagement images. Wedding day portraits are most often restricted to harsh mid-day light, so your engagement session is an opportunity to play in the best possible lighting. Starting on time is very important due to me being primarily a natural-light photographer. When we lose the sun, we’re in the dark. During the busy wedding season (May-October) Engagement Sessions are reserved for weekday evenings, as our weekends are usually booked shooting weddings.

Communicating with Ampersand Grey:
I am all about email. Session booking, questions, details...email me. I know it’s tempting sometimes to send a message via facebook or text, but I prefer to keep communication in one streamlined place, my lovely Ampersand Grey inbox. In the week leading up to your wedding or on the day of shoots text works great but all important information should be streamlined through our inbox.

The Studio:
My downtown loft studio is an excellent backup if we’re battling any of the many inclement weather patterns of Alberta. Whether it’s your engagement shoot or wedding day, the studio can most often be used for photos in the case of rain. To book the studio please let me know as far in advance as possible, as I do share the space with other photographers so can’t guarantee its availability.

Ampersand Grey is closed. I try to maintain one unplugged day a week to renew and revive my creative energy. During the wedding season (May-October) I am always reachable via phone or email for emergencies, but on Sundays I like to unplug my devices, sleep in, and spend time with my family. Solomon (our schnauzer office mascot) really puts his paw down on this. I appreciate your understanding on this one!

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Please feel free to reach out to me any time:
p: 385 349 6460
e: michel@amperandgrey.com