A wobbly knee, snow fall in April and a mighty spring wintery wind wasn’t going to stop these two from performing the most darling 80’s dance moves we ever did see. With one part cuddlefest, two parts determination these two crazy kids equal a whole lot of love. August can’t come soon enough. Thank you Alicia & Isaac for an awesome day, I can’t wait for August. Who cares if we litter, it’s organic!!

How did the two of you meet?

Alicia says, “We met by chance at church. I got a call 2 weeks prior to a big concert that Isaac’s church needed a piano player. I noticed Isaac right away. I was 14 he was 15 so there wasn’t much chance of anything other than friendship because my Dad is pretty traditional. The concert was a success and a year went by before my friends started telling me I should attend the Church on 99th to meet up with Isaac again. We maintained a friendship through the end of high school then bible college classes. Once we were ready, we announced our mutual liking for one another. Like turned to Love and we started growing our love for each other through God.”

I can’t stand how gorgeous you are Alicia, wow.

It wasn’t even cold at all during this part!

I asked Isaac to show Alicia his dance moves.. somehow the best 80s dance party ensued.

Thank you to the best assistant on the planet Donna Gamble
Alicia’s hair and makeup: Makeup by Elizabeth

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You rebranded! I love it!! Next time you are in Vancouver can we PLEASE shoot together!?!


The compositions of these are PHENOM. Loveliness!

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