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Canadian Photographer Michel Feist

hi! i'm michel.

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Michel Feist

life is too short not to be yourself wholly. 

I am whole-heartedly a story-teller at my core.

Happiest in the forest, by a river, climbing rocks, riding bikes and rappelling into a canyon. I like to be on the move.

I live with my partner in a van and mostly work remotely from the road. I come back to Edmonton to cram a bunch of work into the weeks I’m there. I love this life and live intentionally in the moment.

I am most myself in new spaces and not knowing what is next is where I thrive. I feel honoured that my clients gain me access to their lives and allow me to help tell their story. Whether a small business, marketing campaign and sometimes still a wedding day ....

I am sappy and sentimental and that drives my need for capturing connection. I am honoured to be your photographer. This job is something I don’t take lightly—but you’ll never notice that by how much fun we’re having!


I am an ally of the 2SLGBTQ+ community and will tell your story regardless of your path.

Michel Feist

founder, owner, principal photographer & creative director.


Michel Video

relax. i’ve got you.

Coming from the world of wedding photography, over 12 years of it, I feel most comfortable in the moment, attentive, and trusting my intuition. These skills help me tell your story in the most authentic way possible. 

People typically describe my work as relaxed and real. My clients don't look uncomfortable and overly posed. Well, that’s because THEY AREN’T! Although we have a clear plan in mind, I make room for my clients to shine in the moment we create together.

I feel honoured that my clients give me access to their lives and allow me to help tell their stories. If you’ve actually read this far, nice. Thanks for being here and let’s connect to make some sweet sweet magic together.

Three female entrepreneurs wearing colourful suits in a modern and neutral office studio setting


I first met Michel when she shot a wedding for a client of mine and in mere seconds we sorted out that we were total kindred spirits!  *le sigh* I loved her bright and vibrant photo style as it paired well with my bold personality and colourful brand. We’ve done multiple branding shoots together and I continue to want to fall into her creative arms year after year. She’s the type of gal where you could say, “I wanna do something in a junkyard” and it would be met with something to the tune of “Ya ya cool, Thursday at 2:00PM work for you??” 


I haven’t ever felt dismissed or unseen by Michel and it’s my favourite thing about her. She has this stunning ability to make you feel totally at ease  before you even set foot in front of her camera. *chefs kiss* 


Hire Michel if you want to feel truly valued as a client, feel comfortable collaborating with a perfect stranger, end up with photos that you are so blissfully in love with and see for yourself. 


Joy by Joelle - Event Planner


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