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A group of colleagues dancing and clapping while smiling at a lively ,team event.


energized events

Ampersand Grey has been documenting events in Edmonton Alberta for over a decade. Michel specialises in capturing the vibrant energy each event holds and documents the dynamic world of events and conferences with precision and creativity.

With my extensive experience in photographing tech events, I understand the unique atmosphere and excitement that accompanies these gatherings. From the buzz of networking sessions to a passionate keynote presentation, we know how to capture every moment that defines the essence of your event.

Woman in a blue suit speaking to a large crowd photographed by Ampersand Grey
Man speaking expressively on stage with colourful backdrop at high energy event as photographed by Ampersand Grey
Indigenous dancer performing at a birghtly lit and colourful event.

fabulous fete

With years of experience in the wedding world I have sharpened my intuition, allowing me to anticipate key moments before they happen and position myself to capture them with precision and artistry. Whether it's showcasing the latest innovations on the expo floor or capturing the engaging discussions in breakout sessions, we excel at capturing the essence of your event in stunning detail.

Michel Feist


I pride myself on the ability to deliver images that not only document what happened but also convey the passion, energy, and enthusiasm of your community. From candid shots of attendees networking to dynamic images of speakers inspiring the audience, we strive to create a visual narrative that truly reflects the spirit of your event. 

I understand that key deliverables are used in marketing material to sell this event to attendees for next year and focus on the user experience and reaction to being at your event. 



Branding Photography by Ampersand Grey

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Event Photography by Ampersand Grey

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Wedding Photography by Ampersand Grey

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