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Women with pink hair and lime green shirt shouting joyfully into a podcast microphone as photographed by Canadian Brand photographer Ampersand Grey


branding done boldly

I am an award winning photographer with over a decade of experience in commercial photography, editorial photography and portraits, documentary photography, and of course creating content for social media. I thrive in a fast paced environment in order to build the perfect images for your conference or event. I am known for eliciting small amounts of wizardry to make interesting headshots and studio portraits that sing who you are. Have a bit more time? Let's spend a whole day together to capture a day in the life of your work or your organization.


I am not only good at creating images, but I can also lead a corporate marketing package with my experience as a creative director and feel at home within a marketing team. Photos matter but so does how you use them in a marketing campaign to create your branding presence. Ampersand Grey is based out of Edmonton Alberta but my mobile lifestyle takes me across Canada, the US and overseas. If you ask me, summers are best spent rock climbing on The Chief in Squamish British Columbia. I believe love is love and I am an ally to gay, lesbian, transgender and all LGBTQ2S folks. If any of this sounds good to you, let’s chat!

Red haired female entrepreneur flipping the pages of a book in the foreground while smiling in the background.
Female entrepreneur in white eyelet dress typing on laptop.
Woman in striped shirt laughing joyfully while editing a manuscript
Female rancher in plaid shirt with tatooes guiding a chestnut coloured horse through a pasture.
Ampersand Grey
Female ranchers caring for a horse out in the pasture.


  • So, you like the photos you see here, you're ready for your own session, now what?
    Glad you asked - and yay!!!! I believe your session needs to be catered to you specifically and as an over-communicator, we'll start with a chat. From the jump, hearing your story helps me guide our collaboration into great ideas together. Next, I'll send over the branding questionnaire. I know how saturated markets can be, and above-all, we need you to stand out. That questionnaire is a jump off point for you to start thinking about your why a bit more. As you give me more information about you, your business and your story, I can start to dream up the awesome images we'll make together.
  • How do we choose a location?
    I love to integrate the environment into photos with my clients but if your space isn't all that awesome, we can always dress up the Ampersand Grey studio to suit you! You can bring any decor items to make the space your own. We can also work together to come up with a different plan. There are many other studios and shared spaces in the city for you to rent, Airbnbs are great options too!
  • What's delivered?
    You'll receive a curated gallery of images in full resolution delivered digitally - fully edited. The number of images you'll receive will be determined by the package you choose. 30 min mini sessions get you a smaller gallery, when we do a day in the life session you'll have 100ish images in your gallery.
Bright brand photography of female entreprenuers running infront of a colourful mural of geometric shapes, animals and insects.


yearly subscriptions

These packages are curated and customized to perfectly capture your brand, enthusiasm and dedication to your craft. In our initial planning meeting we will dig deep into your brand and how your images can help set you apart from your competition.

1. Deep Dive - $2800

  • Consultation - digging deep into your brand

  • 3 hour initial photography session

  • + 3 (2 hour) photography sessions


The first session is the start to your own personalized custom photography library and the one we will use as a jumping off point for your yearly photography journey. We shoot these sessions on location with the environment playing an integral part of the images we are creating. We also have a natural light loft studio that we can utilize if you would feel more comfortable there.


2. Established - $1800

You already have an established brand and don’t need to focus on your ‘why’. Less of an emphasis on the initial session, this smaller package still allows for plenty of updating  current and relevant content for you throughout the year.


  • 30 min consultation

  • 4 (1 hour) photography sessions

single sessions

Day in the Life Session (3 hrs) - $950

  • head shots & interactive portrait session

  • your daily routine photographed in a documentary style; meetings, appointments or services you would normally perform. 

  • 2 locations


Get ready for a marathon of a day. It's high energy, filled with big ideas and a detailed shot list. Prior to the sessions I will talk you through what to wear, what to bring and who to include in your sessions. These days are fun!!! Get lots of sleep the night before, we’re gunna be busy!

90 Min. Session - $750

  • head shots & interactive portrait session

  • your daily routine photographed in a documentary style

  • 1 location


More of a sprint than a marathon - the 90 min sessions can include up to 2 people on your team. We still plan these meticulously; there is just less variation in setups and options.  


30 Min. Session - $375

  • 2 headshots & interactive portrait session

  • Only offered in the Ampersand Grey studio 

  • 1 outfit


Short and sweet, these quick sessions are great for the solo entrepreneur just starting out. 

your best shot

In today's competitive landscape, your personal brand matters more than ever. A unique headshot isn't just a picture—it's a powerful tool that sets you apart from the crowd in an instant. Whether you're networking, building your online presence, or seeking new opportunities, a headshot that captures your personality, professionalism, and authenticity is essential. These need not be boring and bland but instead make a memorable first impression and stand out in a sea of generic profiles.

Michel Feist branding photographer in edmonton


I have worked with all kinds of businesses, from large tech firms and investment corporations to mom and pop shops and one person shows. All of you have the same needs. But each of you have a different story. This matters. People need to show who they are in order to stand out in their market, and maybe now more than ever. That’s where I can help. Sound like the kind of photography fix you're looking for? Then I can't wait to chat with you! 



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