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Female entrepreneurs running past a colourful mural of bright geometric patterns, animals and insects in Edmonton Alberta.


Doing headshots differently!

Thank you so much for your interest in Ampersand Grey for your headshot. Being an Edmonton headshot photographer we understand the importance in customizing each session to be cohesive to your unique business. 

We have a bit of a different philosophy for head shot images and branding sessions. These need not be stuffy or posed stiffly on a grey background (we do those, with a twist). We think your head shot is the first introduction to a potential connection and it should show your personality and professionalism or artistic and creative side.

Working in your office to incorporate your environment is one of our favourite ways to make your photos stand out. Equipped with a light kit, we can travel to your space easily. These photos created for samdesk in Edmonton shows off their individual personality brilliantly.

For the launch of the new Edmonton Unlimited brand, we created elegant deeply rich headshots for their team.

Photographing the team at Amii is always one of my favourite days in the calendar. We set up 3 different settings in their co-work space – allowing for each staff to pick their favourites while tethered to my laptop.

Edmonton Unlimited offers a wide array of programming. One of their offering is Alberta Catalyzer. For these photos, I join the newest cohort for their kick-off party where I photograph each of the founders.

One of my favourite things about working with small business is meeting a team like the Blais Realty Group. We work together cross a yearly branding package, meeting up every 3 or 4 months. This flexibility allows to keep their images fresh and when new team members are added, they can keep their photos consistent.

Being yourself is key in a session! Lindsay’s personality was so fun to capture throughout her branding session with us.

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