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Two brides twirling in their wedding dresses in a sunlight, neutral studio smiling on their wedding day.


still sappy & sentimental

Still enthralled by love, connection and the importance of legacy in an event like a wedding, I’ve taken a step back from being a full time wedding photographer due to my travels. I still take on a handful of weddings per year when they work in my travel schedule and when my clients and I are a perfect fit. 


I have a specific style of working with a couple on their wedding day. I want to submerge myself in the emotional moments of your day and most of all, the connection you have with the people you love the most, your friends and family. I will not take you away from your people for a 2 hour photo session. I will not care too deeply about your chair covers, I won’t be super excited about a guest book - I will however die inside when your grandma kisses your hand, when your dad sees you for the first time and when your partner and you share your vows under a big tree, at sunset in front of the people that matter to you most. 

Two grooms holding one another, smiling with their eyes closed on their wedding day.
Bridge and groom holding hands, smiling at each other at sunset walking through a golden field of tall grass on their wedding day.
Happy bride shows her grandmother and grandfather her wedding ring on her wedding day while holding her bouquet and champagne in the other hand.

be. yourself

I don’t believe you need to follow a traditional script or subscribe to the way things are ‘supposed to be’ on a typical wedding day. I give you the permission to say fuck that. I want you to have your back when you make the decisions of your heart on that day and I will be there to capture those little moments in between the posed, fake moments other people want to create for you. 


Real, authentic, documentary moments. 

Sound like you? Awesome. 

Happy couple holding hands walking through the badlands near Drumheller Alberta
Ampersand Grey
Happy couple walks down a rocky path in the badlands near Drumheller Alberta


  • So, you like the photos you see here, you're ready for your own session, now what?
    Glad you asked - and yay!!!! I believe your session needs to be catered to you specifically and as an over-communicator, we'll start with a chat. From the jump, hearing your story helps me guide our collaboration into great ideas together. Next, I'll send over the branding questionnaire. I know how saturated markets can be, and above-all, we need you to stand out. That questionnaire is a jump off point for you to start thinking about your why a bit more. As you give me more information about you, your business and your story, I can start to dream up the awesome images we'll make together.
  • How do we choose a location?
    I love to integrate the environment into photos with my clients but if your space isn't all that awesome, we can always dress up the Ampersand Grey studio to suit you! You can bring any decor items to make the space your own. We can also work together to come up with a different plan. There are many other studios and shared spaces in the city for you to rent, Airbnbs are great options too!
  • What's delivered?
    You'll receive a curated gallery of images in full resolution delivered digitally - fully edited. The number of images you'll receive will be determined by the package you choose. 30 min mini sessions get you a smaller gallery, when we do a day in the life session you'll have 100ish images in your gallery.
Michel Feist


If you're hoping for photos that capture the magic in between the itinerary, the real and the raw ... the unforgettable moments of your wedding day to be captured with curiosity, energy and heart then let's chat.  I can't wait to meet you and learn more about your dreams for your big day. 



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